Welcome to my karaoke site! I’m Jennifer, and if you are here, you are probably a friend or family member looking for my song list because we are having a karaoke party. Click here to search my karaoke song list database.

I love music, and my family and I have enjoyed karaoke for years – so much so that several of us in the family have our own karaoke machines and discs. I rarely go to karaoke bars anymore – many are so smoky that by the time I get to sing, my throat is already scratchy. And a good karaoke bar is usually so busy that you are lucky to sing twice in one night. We find it more fun to have small karaoke parties at home.

This is a private site intended only for my friends and family. I don’t host karaoke show professionally – I just have a little personal system for fun and have parties for my friends and family. If you found my page while looking for a professional karaoke host to hire, I’m afraid that is not me. If you are looking for some tips on karaoke equipment, software, and stores, I am happy to share what works for me, and you will find such information added to this site over time.