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Microstudio by MTU

  MTU‘s Microstudio program allows you to make backup copies of your CD+G discs, as well as rip tracks from CD+G discs into MP3+G format. You can also use it to make custom CD+G discs, which are useful when you go to a karaoke bar, since you can take a disc of just the songs […]

Video Hoster by MTU

If you want to run a smooth karaoke show, then you want to buy MTU‘s Video Hoster. This software has everything you need to host a show. Use Video Hoster to rip your CD+G discs to MP3+G format, and Video Hoster automatically adds them to your song database. Once they are in your song database, […]

MTU Karaoke Software

  I’ve used MTU software for years with very good results. Their suite of karaoke software has proven solid, rarely having bugs that I have found. Their website offers a wealth of information on their own products as well as how to configure your karaoke system. They also run a very popular messageboard where you […]