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Cloud Karaoke Players

There are several sites where you can sing karaoke songs online, and many of these are free. I haven’t personally used any of these since I have my own karaoke system at home, but they do look fun. Note that while many are free, there are some that charge for their service. I posted some […]

Cloud Karaoke Songbooks

If you want to host your karaoke songbook online, there are several sites that offer this service. I haven’t found a free one, so I imagine this is something more useful to a professional karaoke host who is earning revenue. Since I just use my karaoke system for my own parties and those of friends […]

Karaoke Cloud Services

There are a number of karaoke cloud services out there. Some are online karaoke players and others are online songbook databases for karaoke hosts.

Karaoke Equipment Stores

Karaoke systems range wildly in configurations and prices. You can get a basic unit for personal use that has a built in monitor, speakers, and karaoke player or you can invest in something a little more professional. What you need really depends on how you will use it and how into karaoke you are. If […]

Digital Karaoke Stores

I really love that you can buy individual karaoke songs these days, rather than an entire CD+G disc. This is really great when you are looking for specific songs that either aren’t on any CD+G discs you’ve found or are only available on compilation discs. The problem with many compilation discs is that many of […]

Microstudio by MTU

  MTU‘s Microstudio program allows you to make backup copies of your CD+G discs, as well as rip tracks from CD+G discs into MP3+G format. You can also use it to make custom CD+G discs, which are useful when you go to a karaoke bar, since you can take a disc of just the songs […]

Video Hoster by MTU

If you want to run a smooth karaoke show, then you want to buy MTU‘s Video Hoster. This software has everything you need to host a show. Use Video Hoster to rip your CD+G discs to MP3+G format, and Video Hoster automatically adds them to your song database. Once they are in your song database, […]

MTU Karaoke Software

  I’ve used MTU software for years with very good results. Their suite of karaoke software has proven solid, rarely having bugs that I have found. Their website offers a wealth of information on their own products as well as how to configure your karaoke system. They also run a very popular messageboard where you […]

Karaoke CD Stores

There are lots of places to buy karaoke CDs on the internet. If you want discs that will play the audio along while also displaying the video with onscreen lyrics, then make sure you are buying CD+G discs. Amazon CD+G Discs Karaoke Star