I wanted to be able to take my karaoke system to other people’s houses so that my friends, family and I can enjoy karaoke at any party we want to, no matter who is throwing the party. This cart is great for carrying most of the equipment I need. It holds my Behringer sound mixer, both wired microphones, a small speaker, two binders with several hundred karaoke CDs, and all the cables I need. What’s even better is that it is on wheels and has a lid to keep everything dry if it is raining when I am taking everything to and fro. Now, there are some holes in the sides that are used as handles, so I strongly recommend putting anything that you need to make sure doesn’t get damp in plastic bags before putting them in this cart. The telescoping handle is tall enough to be comfortable when pulling the cart along, but it pushes right back down into the side for neat storage. Also, the entire cart collapses flat if you want to put it away. The lid snaps onto the folded cart body. This is absolutely perfect for what I need.

Qube Cart XL -Black

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