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WordPress Online Song Request Submission Form

**NOTE** This article assumes you have a working knowledge of WordPress administration. Putting my karaoke songlist online for guests to search was one step, but I also wanted to make things even more efficient by setting up a system for singers to send me their song requests online rather than on slips of paper. There […]

WordPress Online Songlist Database

**NOTE** This article assumes you have a working knowledge of WordPress administration. It seemed that my printed karaoke songlist books went out of date nearly as soon as I printed new ones. Once I bought new CD+G discs or MP3+G tracks, those printed lists were incomplete. This could be worked around by creating a ‘New […]

Cloud Karaoke Players

There are several sites where you can sing karaoke songs online, and many of these are free. I haven’t personally used any of these since I have my own karaoke system at home, but they do look fun. Note that while many are free, there are some that charge for their service. I posted some […]

Cloud Karaoke Songbooks

If you want to host your karaoke songbook online, there are several sites that offer this service. I haven’t found a free one, so I imagine this is something more useful to a professional karaoke host who is earning revenue. Since I just use my karaoke system for my own parties and those of friends […]

Microphone Stands

If you really want your singers to feel like rock stars, you’ll want microphone stands. Plus, some people get nervous and find it comforting to have the microphone stand to fiddle with. I got two of these Pyle stands, and they are good, but when I first got them, the microphone holder tilted all the […]

Microphone Windscreens

There are three main reasons I wanted windscreens for my microphones: Using a different color windscreen on each microphone makes it easy to tell them apart when I need to adjust them on the mixer. People who are drinking often spittle on the microphones. The windscreens are cheap and easier to clean than the microphones […]

3.5mm to dual 1/4-inch cables

My system requires two cables that have a 3.5mm plug on one end leading to dual 1/4-inch plugs on the opposite end. One is to connect my laptop’s line out (headset) port to the 1/4-inch stereo inputs on the Behringer Sound Mixer. The other is to connect the stereo 1/4-inch output ports to a 3.5mm […]

Microphone Cables

Many professional microphones do not come with cables, so you must buy them separately. Most of my karaoke shows are in living rooms or backyards, so I wanted a long cable, but they don’t normally have to reach too far. I’m using these with my Behringer wired microphones.   See larger image GLS Audio 25 […]

HDMI Splitter

I run my karaoke using software on my laptop. My laptop has an HDMI port, and it can provide an extended desktop experience with that port to one HDMI output – a monitor or a television. Ideally, you want to be able to run the karaoke show tools on the laptop screen and display just […]


I wanted to be able to take my karaoke system to other people’s houses so that my friends, family and I can enjoy karaoke at any party we want to, no matter who is throwing the party. This cart is great for carrying most of the equipment I need. It holds my Behringer sound mixer, […]