Microstudio by MTU



MTU‘s Microstudio program allows you to make backup copies of your CD+G discs, as well as rip tracks from CD+G discs into MP3+G format. You can also use it to make custom CD+G discs, which are useful when you go to a karaoke bar, since you can take a disc of just the songs in your collection you want to sing that night. It also works well as a personal karaoke player on the computer – although it is really not ideal for running a karaoke show for parties or professionally.

If you plan to only purchase MP3+G downloads from digital stores online, then this software will work for you no matter what kind of optical (CD, DVD) drive your computer has. If you want to use this software to play CD+G discs, copy or create CD+G discs, or rip files from CD+G discs, your computer must have an optical drive attached that supports the CD+G format. My current laptop and desktop computers I bought from HP a couple of years ago do have drives that work with these discs, but not every computer does.

Luckily, MTU offers a free trial of Microstudio that you can download from their website. Once installed, you can use Microstudio to test your computer’s drive for compatibility. If it doesn’t pass, then you might want to check out the list of drives that MTU certifies for use with their software on the website.

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