Video Hoster by MTU


If you want to run a smooth karaoke show, then you want to buy MTU‘s Video Hoster. This software has everything you need to host a show.

Use Video Hoster to rip your CD+G discs to MP3+G format, and Video Hoster automatically adds them to your song database. Once they are in your song database, you can use Video Hoster’s songbook feature to create simple RTF files that you can use to print songbooks.

Whether you decide to use CD+G discs or MP3+G files in your karaoke show, Video Hoster will run a seamless show that your audience will enjoy. Add songs and singers to the playlist, and arrange them in the order they should sing. Configure the marquee underneath the song currently playing and your guests will be able to see the next few singers who will come up and it even provides an estimate of what time their song will be up. The top marquee scrolls across the screen can be used to make announcements or provide information to your audience. I have mine set to display the internet address of the site where my online songbook can be accessed from their smartphones and tablets.

If you attach a second monitor or television to your computer, Video Hoster lets you display the screen for the singer and audience on the secondary monitor while allowing you to work in the administration area on the screen only you see. While a guest is singing, you can change your marquee on the fly without interrupting their song.  You can also add new singers or rearrange the songs in the playlist without interrupting the current song.

Video Hoster costs a little more than Microstudio but is well worth it if you want to host karaoke parties or professional shows.

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